Phoenix Theatres Northtowne Mall

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Luxury Seating
100% Heated Reclining Seats

Every seat in every auditorium will be a large love-seat style (with adjustable middle armrest), fully reclining, heated chair with 75 inches of leg room.

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Dolby Atmos
Immerse yourself in the sound

Dolby Atmos goes beyond the ordinary listening experience and puts you inside the song in a new spatial way, revealing every detail of the music with unparalleled clarity and depth.

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True 4K Projection
Visually Stunning Picture

The Christie 4K projection delivers the highest quality image and brightness by doubling the resolution of your typical movie screen.

Phoenix Theatres to Relaunch Theatre at Northtowne Mall

  • Every seat in every auditorium will be a large love-seat style (with adjustable middle armrest), fully reclining, heated chair with 75 inches of leg room
  • Specially equipped premium format auditoriums featuring Atmos for a premium, immersive, audio experience and 4K Christie® Digital projection
  • A new spacious lobby and concessions area
  • Phoenix mobile app and online tickets that allow customers to reserve their seats easily
  • Self-serve Pepsi drink stations for added service speed and convenience
  • Combined ticketing and concession purchases in one line
  • Family-friendly prices
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Dolby Atmos - Explained

Learn how Dolby Atmos has revolutionized audio by free sound from channels create an atmosphere of sound all around you.

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Dolby Atmos - Moving Audio

A visual representation of Dolby Atmos creates a truely immersive enviroment inside the auditorum

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Join our Team
Now Hiring All Positions

Phoenix Theatres Woodland Mall is looking for driven, hardworking and outgoing individuals who communicate well, work well in a dynamic team environment and who are eager to develop a varied set of professional skills. We are looking for individuals who want to grow within the company.

What we offer

  • Competitive Pay Scales
  • Advancement Opportunities
  • Fun Work Environment
  • Flexible Schedule
  • Free Movies
  • eligibility to NATO College Scholarship Programs

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Northtowne Construction Progress

Follow the process every step of the way. Updates will be made on a weekly basis

Out with the old!

The easiest way to start a new chapter is with a blank slate. So begins the process of breathing new life into this wonderful theatre. All the old folding seats will be removed to finish the floor and prepare the auditoriums for the brand new recliners that will bring modern movie going enjoyment… get ready to kick back, relax and recline, Defiance!

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Mind our dust

All of our favorite movies begin as works in progress that require teamwork and talent to bring to life. The same goes for our favorite places to see those movies, and the progress at Northtowne has been exciting! Walls came down to open up the lobby to nearly double its previous size, and the old concession stand has been removed to make way for the new and improved one.

Once the dust settles, the movies will be back and better than ever!

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Behind the "Screens"

Check out a few more behind the scene pictures from this past week as we continue our work expanding the old theatre lobby.

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Clear Path Ahead

Here we are staring at a blank slate ready to start the process of creating a movie-going experiece that in which Defiance has never had before.

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Paint & Putty

After framing the new lobby and putting up dry wall we are ready to begin painting the walls aand finish painitng the ceiling.

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Coming Soon

The new lobby is starting to take shape and pretty soon I should have some photos of what the new concession stand will look like. I also included a picture of the back concession stand to spark nostalgia.

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Wall Paper

Hannibal Smith always said “I love it when a plan comes together,” and personally I couldn’t agree more. With the wallpaper installed, the ceiling spray painted and the additional ceiling lighting installed, the Northtowne Mall lobby and hallway are really starting to look reinvigorated. I was honestly left in awwww when I saw these updated photos from the past couple days. Once the carpet is installed, it will really “tie the room together,” as Jeff Bridges’ character The Dude would say.

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Enter to Win a Year Supply of Movie Tickets

In anticipation of the opening of Phoenix Theatres Northtowne Mall, we are excited to announce a weekly drawing in which 1 lucky winner will win 52 movie tickets. Each Friday, a winner will be selected from a pool of submissions, after which the contest will reset and all eligible participants will have a chance to submit a new entry for the next weekly drawing. All submissions from previous weeks will remain, which means that the more you enter, the greater are your chances to win!

To Enter:

The first winner will be picked on October 14th