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Phoenix Theatres Northtowne Mall Grand Opening Announced

Phoenix Theatres, a Midwest based movie theatre chain, opens its latest theatre to the public this week on March 9 at the Northtowne Mall

February 21, 2023

DEFIANCE, OHIO – Phoenix Theatres, a Midwest based movie theatre chain, opens its latest theatre to the public this week on March 9 at the Northtowne Mall – providing Western Ohio moviegoers with a unique combination of amenities revitalizing Defiance’s hometown movie theatre.

For the first time ever in Western Ohio, the new theatre will provide the greater Defiance community with premium cinema amenities featuring both Dolby ATMOS and Christie Digital auditoriums, with fully reclining heated seats for every guest in every auditorium throughout the theatre.

"We wanted to do something truly spectacular in Defiance and enhance the cinema experience to a new level," said Jordan Hohman, Executive in Charge of Project Development for Phoenix Theatres. "Each auditorium will feature 7.1 digital sound; and presented for the first time in Western Ohio we will be introducing Dolby ATMOS, the latest innovation in immersive sound technology.

The foremost filmmakers are now mixing their soundtracks utilizing ATMOS, which is the first object-based recording process. This allows sound to be presented in a three-dimensional soundscape that envelops the audience throughout the auditorium, giving the audience an auditory experience that is unmatched, presenting the film as the filmmakers intend; truly putting you in the movie. Highlights in Northtowne include:


"Combining Dolby ATMOS with Christie’s Digital Cinema projection and newly developed micro-perforated screens will provide the viewer with the clearest possible picture and the most immersive movie-going experience you can find," Hohman added. Western Ohioans will be seeing and hearing movies like they never have before unless they have travelled to Detroit or Chicago to limited movie theatres there. Now Defiance area residents can take in the special experience any day they want. Phoenix Theatres owner Cory Jacobson is so impressed with the ATMOS technology that he put the Dolby ATMOS logo throughout the theatre including a 15-foot interior sign to identify the brand.

Jacobson indicated that his Phoenix Theatres group has, "always strived to find unique ways to give our theatres character. Movie theatres in the past were synonymous with big jazzy lobby areas, adding an element of showmanship and grandeur to movie-going. Our new theatre lobby at Northtowne Mall needed to develop a character all its own." Taking inspiration from iconic theatres, Northtowne’s newly designed entrance, complete with new signage and classic marquee lamps, leads into a large open lobby that captures the Hollywood excitement of going to the movies. "Lighting is a very important part of all of our projects and the lobby was designed to emphasize the unique shape and character of the room adding a wow factor from the moment you walk through the door," Hohman said. "Features like this really make the theatre feel unique and memorable."

Phoenix Theatres will hold a ribbon cutting ceremony with the Defiance Area Chamber of Commerce on March 8th at 6:00pm. The theatre will officially open to the public on Thursday night, March 9th with screenings of "Scream VI," "Ant-Man & The Wasp: Quantumania," and "Top Gun: Maverick" presented in Dolby ATMOS. In addition to the ATMOS features, Phoenix Theatres will also be showing a robust lineup of films including "65," "Creed III," "Cocaine Bear," "80 for Brady," and "Puss in Boots: The Last Wish". Tickets are on sale now at or through the Phoenix Theatres mobile app available in the iOS and Google Play stores.


The Michigan based Phoenix Theatres opened its first Detroit-area theatre in 2001 and currently operates 7 theatres, with the introduction of Northtowne marking their 59th theatre screen.